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Topic: Middle Eastern instruments

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    Middle Eastern instruments

    I am about to start with a "soundtrack" for a game. The guidelines for music inspiration are are Solaris/Traffic-Cliff Martinez, mixed with the middle eastern stuff of Passion Of The Christ/Black Hawk Down. Now I am pretty sure the ambient stuff will sound OK, but I am a little worried about all the acoustic stuff. I have decent samples of Duduk/Ehru/Sarangi, but since they are going to be heard solo alot I am pretty sure the samples wont sound real. They are Ok to mix with other stuff or short pasages. The budget does'nt allow me to hire players so what is the next step? What can I do? How good is the Yamaha VL70-m? Better than samples. Is there any libarary out there that I have not heard of that might be good?

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Middle Eastern instruments

    I kinda like the sound of the Volko Baglama, but I can't really judge if it's realistic or not:

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    Re: Middle Eastern instruments

    Thanks BillyGoat..I forgot to mention that I work with mac/logic 7.

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    Re: Middle Eastern instruments

    Check out the demos for RA. There are lots of sampled phrases and keyswitching that help to keep it sounding more real.

    Damon Sink
    G5 Dual 2 GHz, P4 3.8GHz, Logic Pro 7, Digital Performer, EWQLSO Platinum Pro XP, VSL, Kontakt2, Finale

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    Re: Middle Eastern instruments

    RA RA RA!

    Here's a link to a review I wrote at CreateDigitalMusic, including a solo Duduk (Bulgarian) passage:


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    Re: Middle Eastern instruments

    There's always the cheapos I'm brewing at the moment:

    Not exactly middle-eastern, but sets the mood nevertheless: The Japanese Shakuhachi, played in realtime (no phrases) from Kontakt 2:


    And the duduk, played in realtime from Gigastudio:


    These are only a few instruments from a collection of ethnic winds I'm doing, specifically to be played in exposed settings. Won't be available for at least another month or so, though.

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    Re: Middle Eastern instruments

    RA is very good, and in general it won't sound like samples.

    The VL-70m is capable of producing some very good sounds - I'm not sure what sounds comes with, but Patchman music offers a replacement ROM, and there are probably VL1 program translations you can download and send in via Sysex - however I wouldn't only use it. It will probably have some good solo sounds.

    Also note that if you're not comfortable with a breath controller, you'll have to spend a little time learning it.

    I'm basing all this on VL1, which is the Rolls Royce of VL synths.

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    Re: Middle Eastern instruments

    Well, there's lots of multisamples in RA too, so he can roll his own.

    There's also some middle eastern instruments in Ethno World 3, but there is a larger loops/multisamples ration there.

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    Re: Middle Eastern instruments

    I just finished my first gig with RA and I have to say that now I'm happy that I got it. At first I wasn't sure whether I was satisfied or not as the amount of instruments is somewhat limited. The quality of sampling and the amount of articulations (not for all instruments but atleast the most important ones) is excellent. It doesn't offer the VSL style excessiveness but for most tasks it has sufficient amount of choices. Don't buy it just for fun, it's expensive for just that. If you have a true need for an ethnic library then there really isn't anything that compares. I might get the Ethno World 3 some day but only because it has instruments that aren't included in RA.

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