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Topic: static

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    I am using GS3 with the Sonic Implants Library in Sonar 4.04. Has anyone experienced static bursts with this library. I run all the other major sample libraries and have not had this problem. I have an RME 9652 soundcard synced via adat and Lucid word clock. Thanks for your input.


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    Re: static


    Yes, I've been having the exact same problem with SISS, and have been able to reproduce it on more than one computer. I've contacted Peter Drawbridge at Sonic Implants and he's looking into it. Hopefully, he should get back to me sometime this week.

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    Re: static

    Are yout running the latest version of Gigastudio 3?

    - G

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    Re: static

    yes, the latest 3.12.

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    Re: static

    Yes, and the latestest update 3.12.

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    Re: static

    Would both of you please record this static-sounding output and post it up here as a MP3 file? It would be helpful if we could all hear the effect firsthand.

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