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Topic: MIDI Replicator Question

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    MIDI Replicator Question

    I hope one of the MIDI Replicator users here can help me out.

    I set up Music Lab\'s MIDI Replicator on my Win ME/Pro Tools machine and on my GigaStudio machine. Everything is working fine between the two machines. PTLE sessions can transfer data and GSt picks it up just fine.

    My problem is how to route live MIDI data coming from my controller to GSt? The controller MIDI Out is hooked to the 001 MIDI In. I need to route the 001 MIDI In to NetPipe0 Out live/real-time. How do I do that?

    Without this route, there\'s no way to hear my GSt piano when just playing the keyboard or when recording in PTLE.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: MIDI Replicator Question


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