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Topic: Finale 2005 and aftertouch

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    Question Finale 2005 and aftertouch

    Hi all!
    Do you know how to get aftertouch works in finale (I have Finale 2005)?
    I mean that I want play samples that have aftertouch (as a controller) but what is the corrispondent controller in Finale (number: cc16, cc17 or what?)?

    I hope to be clear () enough.

    Thank you very much in advence..


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    Re: Finale 2005 and aftertouch

    According to the GPO Update Documentation, Aftertouch is CC#131.

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    Thumbs up Re: Finale 2005 and aftertouch

    Thank you Nikie.
    But there is no 131 controller can I type the number in the list and then press ok?
    Thanks again.


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