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Topic: RMX:Sonar Midi Drop & Drag

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    Question RMX:Sonar Midi Drop & Drag

    The Drop and Drag feature in the video for Sonar doesn't work on my system.
    Sonar just adds a new midi track instead of placing the RMX midi into the cloned RMX midi tracks like in the video tutorial...

    It seems that others on the Cakewalk Sonar forum are having the same problem.

    I'm running RMX 1.5 in Sonar SE 4.0.4 with Cakewalk VST adapter version 4.4.4...

    I'm I doing something wrong?

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    Re: RMX:Sonar Midi Drop & Drag

    I have the same issue... when I drag and drop onto a specific midi track, it always creates a new midi track 3 or 4 tracks below the one i dragged it to. very weird.. doesn't really hinder anything, just an annoyance really..

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    Re: RMX:Sonar Midi Drop & Drag

    Same here...and it seems as though the same thing is happening with S5 and RMX 1.5c

    Here are some people having the same problem on the cakewalk forums:


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    Re: RMX:Sonar Midi Drop & Drag

    Always drag the MIDI file onto the 1st MIDI track (the one at the top). SONAR will then place it in the correct track. For example, if you've setup 8 cloned tracks and want to drop the MIDI file for slot 4 of RMX, drag the MIDI file to track 1 and SONAR will actually place the MIDI file into track 4.

    Once I figured this out, it save me LOTS of time. Say it with me... "Drag the file to track one... Drag the file to track one... Drag the file to track one"
    Chris Rickwood

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    Re: RMX:Sonar Midi Drop & Drag

    What if we don't have our midi tracks at the top?

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    Re: RMX:Sonar Midi Drop & Drag

    djmoose is right.

    i love rmx as much as anyone does ... and I have no clue if it's a sonar issue or an rmx one .. but all these workarounds are simply bandaids. Curing the symptoms is never as comforting as discovering and correcting root cause.

    - greg

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    Re: RMX:Sonar Midi Drop & Drag

    fyi, I doubt that any developers from Cakewalk read this forum, so to make sure it's brought to their attention, I'd suggest reporting the problem to their customer support.

    - Glenn

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    Re: RMX:Sonar Midi Drop & Drag

    I didn't think it was a bandaid, I thought it was a feature. It doesn't matter where your MIDI tracks are located as long as they are in order. So your setup could look like...

    MIDI Track 1 Atmosphere
    MIDI Track 2 Dimension
    MIDI Track 3 Stylus RMX
    MIDI Track 4 Stylus RMX
    MIDI Track 5 Stylus RMX
    MIDI Track 6 Stylus RMX
    MIDI Track 7 Stylus RMX
    MIDI Track 8 Stylus RMX

    If you drag the Stylus MIDI file to MIDI Track 3 Stylus RMX, it will drop it to the appropriate slot. If the track doesn't exist, it will create it. I guess that could be a bug, but I kind of like it. I don't have to think about where to drop the MIDI file, I just place it on the first Stylus MIDI track and keep working.
    Chris Rickwood

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    Re: RMX:Sonar Midi Drop & Drag

    It still doesn't work the way that they show it working in the video. Maybe the tutorial needs to be updated showing the "bandaid" method...

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    Re: RMX:Sonar Midi Drop & Drag

    Can we get a response from Spectrasonics?

    This isnt a BIG deal...but would like to hear the official response from them.


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