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Topic: OT: USB HardDrives - Opinions?

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    OT: USB HardDrives - Opinions?

    I was thinking of getting a cheap USB HardDrive either Lacie or Western Digital just so I can use it on my older computer to store music and back up data in. I wanted to know if you guys had good experiences with USB HardDrives as far as longevity (it doesn't break down in a few months) are there any heating issues? Can I basically use it to store and listen to music constantly without issues of it breaking down?

    Thank you in advance for your thoughts an insight into this.


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    Re: OT: USB HardDrives - Opinions?

    You can choose any HDD you trust most, and then buy USB/FW enclosure for the drive.

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    Re: OT: USB HardDrives - Opinions?

    I did have a nameless cheap enclosure that overheated when left on for several hours. It burned out after 6 months or so. Got a new one (warranty) that burned out after 6 month also. If you go for a really cheap solution like I did, make sure you turn the unit on only while reading/writing to it to avoid overheating it.

    The brand name models I use never did this. I have one with a fan but the noise is disturbing. The fan-less models are preferred in audio environments. If they heat up, keep them turned off as much as possible and use a drive that keeps cool.
    Best regards,
    Michiel Post

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    Thumbs up Re: OT: USB HardDrives - Opinions?

    I have an external 120 gb Maxtor USB drive and it works great! The fan is very quiet, almost unnoticable, and there are no overheating issues (well, it's on all the time and it has always worked properly). Just make sure you have USB 2.0 or firewire. USB 1.0 is REALLY slow. Getting things on and off is quite timeconsuming. It stinks having a pre-USB 2.0 computer.

    In other words, I'm really happy with mine (except for the whole USB 1.0 thang) and I'd recomend one.


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    Re: OT: USB HardDrives - Opinions?

    Why not Firewire?

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    Re: OT: USB HardDrives - Opinions?

    Quote Originally Posted by Nick Batzdorf
    Why not Firewire?
    yeah - how are those LaCie FW drives performing?

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    Cool Re: OT: USB HardDrives - Opinions?

    I bought 2 FW400 drives from OWC - a 100 GB and a 200 GB. The 100 GB died after barely 2 years of light use. The 200 is still ok after 1 year. I'm planning to replace the 100 GB but I'm a little reluctant to got with OWC (Other World Computing) again. Any suggestions?

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    Re: OT: USB HardDrives - Opinions?

    Just buy a Firewire enclosure and an ATA hard drive. That's as reliable as any other Firewire drive - or any hard drive for that matter - and it's what companies do when they slap their brand on Firewire drives. There are lots of boxes, and most of them are fine. Like Michiel, I prefer ones without fans, even though all my machies are out of the room. But I never turn them off.

    I read about several people having problems with LaCie drives on the VSL forum, so it appears they may have bought a bad batch of drives at one point or had some manufacturing problems. It's highly unusual for so many people to report the same problems with one drive vendor, let alone so many members of a small group of people (on these scales the number of VSL users is tiny, even though they're probably doing well).

    That doesn't mean stay away from LaCie - I'm sure not all their drives have the same problems. But I still say it's cheaper and just as good to stick drives in a box.

    Outpost.com has a 300GB Seagate drive for $90 after rebate, which is very good for a drive with a 5-year warranty.

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