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Topic: GPO Reverb

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    GPO Reverb

    Just looking for some help and ideas.... I've been working orchestral pieces and, most recently, completed one. I cannot, however, seem to get the reverb to sound the way I'd like. I wondering if some of you could share what settings you use for reverb in the ambience GPO reverb provided.... Furthermore, I use Overture 4 to write and record, have Sonar Home XL (still trying to get my head around it - new to me), and Kontakt 2. I have not yet tried playing the GPO instruments from Kontakt 2, I use the GPO Kontakt player.

    Thanks in advance for the help!


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    Re: GPO Reverb

    Hi, I can't give you any specific answers, as I just rather clumsily play around with it, but for me at least the general rule of thumb is:

    Less is more. Don't overdo it. I use any reverb as a spice; it should augment the flavor of the food without overtaking it, so that the casual diner will hardly even notice that it's there.


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    Re: GPO Reverb

    I can't give specifics either, as I use Sonar and Perfect Space, but I agree with Michael's comment. Don't overdo the reverb. It's especially easy to use too much if you mix only in headphones.

    You may or may not have as an option, but I always route each section of the orchestra into its own mixing bus that feeds to the reverb. That way, I can set just the right amount of reverb for woodwinds, brass, percussion, and strings individually.
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    Re: GPO Reverb

    I agree with the last post, but what ive been playing with lately is assigning each INSTRUMENT for a section a diffrent reverb, so i can litterally map out where each instrument is in the room, even if its only off by a foot or two, it adds.

    ~Sam Ferrara~

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    Re: GPO Reverb

    I almost always use the jazz club 2 setting, which is one of the lightest applications of reverb in the system, though sometimes I'll use a slightly wetter reverb for things like cymbals. Most of the other settings just sound gooey to me.

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