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Topic: showreel - how to put it together?

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    showreel - how to put it together?

    well, i'm working on my first showreel to (hopefully) get me some jobs, and i was wondering how you guys went about yours. questions that come to mind off the top of my head are:

    how many pieces do you typically find on your average showreel? as much as there's room on the disk? or maybe, not more than ten? add something of every genre you think you are able to pull off well, or concentrate on not more than 2-3 genres and try to find that niche for yourself?

    do you only add stuff you did specifically for games, or dou add stuff you did for tv/commercials/multimedia/whatever as well? is it a good choice to mix these different things together or should one rather keep them seperate?

    another important thing: do you send your reels out as an audio-cd, as data cd, mixed mode, or as i was planning, as a dvd with a nice surface to click your way to the different genres of music?

    i'm sure there's lots more things to be considered that i didn't think off, so please offer any advice that you are willing to share, it's much appreciated.

    thanks for now,


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    Re: showreel - how to put it together?

    Here's some guidelines to prepare a showreel CD.

    1) Use full size CDs
    2) Mixed Mode (Data + Audio)
    3) Label it as such so the recipient knows.
    4) Pick the best 20-30 seconds of each of your best tracks (5-8 tracks) to show case your skill.
    5) on the Data part of the CD, you can place the full tracks + a MP3 of the first 20-30 seconds of the best.
    6) Showcase an AVI with sound design / music so the person can see your music in context.
    7) ONly put any of your commercials on there if they ROCK. Audio directors are not wooed by copious content. They want to see and hear innovation + style.
    Composer / Sound Designer / Audio Engineer

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    Re: showreel - how to put it together?

    I ask the recipient what they want to hear. Then, I ask them what format they want it in. Then, I deliver it when I say I'm going to... works for me.
    Houston Haynes - Titan Line Music

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    Re: showreel - how to put it together?

    It's always good to tailor your submissions per client. If a developer is doing a sci-fi game, and they've mentioned wanting orchestral music, then the first thing they listen to should be something that would fit perfectly with the game you're submitting for.
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    Re: showreel - how to put it together?

    Of course if you're applying for an in-house gig, chances are the developer may cover a variety of genres. In this case, a demo reel that displays your talents across genres would be good. A medley of your best tunes (in 15-30 second clips) is a great way to demonstrate this without boring the listener.

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    Re: showreel - how to put it together?

    I've generally started moving over to DVD presentations.
    For music, if you have press quotes or PR stuff of any kind for a specific product, I would do a video presentation with the medley of music along with the press quotes/screenshots/photos of the title.

    The majority of my work is in video games, but I do a lot of freelance theatre work as well...so I have a "thearical montage" that the client can look at on the DVD as well.

    If you want to take a look at a few of my clips, check them out here...they've been downmixed from 5.1 for internet viewing, though.



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    Re: showreel - how to put it together?

    Here's what we made a while ago: http://www.lumme-tuotanto.com/lumme-promo.mp3

    We tried to combine all different styles into one and match the tempo and the feel. This was made in quite a hurry, but maybe we give more time on the next demo reel.

    Comments are welcome of course.

    Passion for Sound

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