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Topic: my first demo at this board - please check it out

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    my first demo at this board - please check it out

    the title says it all, i guess. so here is it, my first demo within the realms of this wonderful forum (somebody get me a bucket for all the schmaltz...)

    i'm pretty new to orchestral styles and scoring for games, so i really, really need all the feedback i can get. this is my first ever orchestral piece, and i'd much appreciate any helpful criticism you guys have to offer, regarding more technical things like the sound of it, the panning, and of course musical stuff like the arrangement and the general composition.

    the piece at hand was composed with a RPG in mind (a la morrowind), possibly for the mainscreen. it is thus much fittingly entitled RPG_Main_Screen and can be found


    to download.

    please tell me what you think in all brutal honesty. i can take (and NEED) criticism.

    thanks for all and any feedback in advance.

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    Re: my first demo at this board - please check it out

    I think you've succeeded in the composition and orchestration department. That's really the critical area too. I mean, if you can't write the music correctly then all the technical know-how won't make any difference. So, good job.

    Little things stand out and sound like libraries. It's impossible to be completely convincing with orchestral libraries but I think if you put a little more work into it you could get that piece to sound more convincing. You could do this by emphasizing and exaggerating the dynamics. What you have now is really good and it's hard to get much better, but I think there is a tiny bit of room for improvement in that area. You obviously know what you're doing so all I could tell you is to focus a little more on the impact that every part is bringing to the piece.

    In my opinion, and this is completely subjective, I don't recall hearing much low brass in this piece. I think some low brass would not only be appropriate for this style, but could add just the right emphasis that I eluded to.

    The mix/mastering is very well done. Really good job.

    I'm really just an amateur, so take all this with a grain of salt, I just think I have a good ear for this type of stuff and because I've been working in game audio for a while now I've heard lots of demos.

    Good luck.
    Michael Peter

    If music be the food of love...
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    William Shakespeare


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    Re: my first demo at this board - please check it out

    wow, thanks! that's much more positive than i had hoped it would be. coming from someone who's in the gameundustry himself that means quite a lot to me. i guess there's hope for me...

    i will try to incorporate your thoughts into the next version of this piece. you're absolutely right about the low brass, there's only some tubas and trombones playing in unison with the low strings in the staccatos, that's it. i'll look into that too and see what kind of improvements it will bring to the piece.

    to criticize myself a little on the technical side of things (so you guys don't have to... ): when i compare my piece to those of the masters i think that it doesn't sound as powerful and "in your face" as it should. how can i improve in that field? how do you guys master your tracks? any hints from the pros?

    well, thanks a lot, and on a sidenote: judging from the samples on your page you're anything but an amateur to me. there's some really nice stuff there. thumbs up to that.

    keep the comments coming!

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    Re: my first demo at this board - please check it out

    Hey blue.

    Nice job. Your ideas are presented (Orchestrated) well and I understood the meaning and overall feel of what the piece was supposed to convey. Thank you for sharing your works and allowing positive critisism. Its a good piece that can be made into a great one.

    That being said (here comes the positive critisism) I feel that the song lacked a little bit of fullness. Don't be squeamish with your more bassy instruments. Add some more of that "filler" with some bass cellos providing some interesting and driving counter harmonys while reinforcing your main theme (melody) with some higher light strings or another french or english horn.

    I like your use of percussion alot in this piece. The cymbals, hits, and drums are very nice. Now close the deal with some of that fullness and you could have a excellent song on your hands!

    Good Luck and repost the newer version of the song in this post.
    "I am the genius of me"

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