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Topic: Performance Problem

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    Performance Problem

    I have a Dell PIII 866Mhz, 7200 RPM HD, 512 MRAM, Echo MIA system running GS96 and Logic Audio 4.8.1 Gold.

    In some instances, I find my sequencer playback slowing down and stuttering then recovering when fewer notes are being played. This happens very consistently in the same places of various sequences. I do not get any audio clicks or pops when this happens, just the stuttering sequencer.

    Could I get some opinion from you about a second HD as a solution to this problem (for .gig files). Is this a potential cure for this problem short of a dedicated Giga PC or does this behavior point to another problem? Is there a GS setting I can play around with? I am suprised how little it takes, sometimes, to cause this Logic/GS combination to choke.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: Performance Problem

    I don\'t remember whether Nemesys considers a second HD to be REQUIRED for GS96 and 160 or not, but they should. You\'re asking for trouble with just one (in my humble opinion and experience) - and without all the standard optimizations (from the document at the Tascam website and several others). You\'re familiar with these already, right? (See especially Section 6)


    I had exactly the kind of choking problem in sequences that you describe on my Win98se PC even with TWO fast IDE drives (P3-550, 512ram) until I got serious about the optimizations. I remember that \"disabling write behind cache\" and \"activating DMA for IDE drives\" were the two things that made a huge difference with regard to the choking problem - cleared it up immediately.

    Best, LFE

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    Re: Performance Problem

    Originally posted by LifeForceExplorer:
    I had exactly the kind of choking -
    - cleared it up immediately.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">I did go through a DAWS optimization list but, now that a think about it, was interrupted and never completed it. [img]images/icons/blush.gif[/img]

    Glad to here a second drive and optimization helped you with, what sounds like, the same problem I am having. I was curious about this since I always see people writing about pops and click and not sequencer performance.

    Thanks Lifeforce.

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