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Topic: System Bottlenecks

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    System Bottlenecks

    Ok, sorry in advance if this is a repeater question.

    Situation: I load up large instruments and fill about 90% of memory (Gigapiano, Proprietary Bass 4 layers and a few large kits). Then when I start the sequence it runs for the first few bars before slowing down, then totally disintegrating into a cacophony of noises.

    So the question is, am I correct in assuming this is memory related? I don\'t seem to be maxing CPU, number of notes or disk.

    Just wanted to know before I buy that last stick of 256Megs in cae I need to worry about something else.

    Are their configurations that will help manage this problem better, e.g. vcache?

    My set-up:

    Intel 815e board
    Celeron 700
    256 Meg
    Audiophile 2496
    2 HD\'s one 66ATA the other 133ATA both 7200RPM
    Gigastudio 96
    Cubase Score 3.72

    Thanks for your help in advance.


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    Re: System Bottlenecks

    And IMHO, 90% is kind of asking for it. You\'re not leaving the system a lot of breathing room. I\'d recommend finding (or creating) some lilte equivalents of some of your more needy files, and bringing the load back to about 70-75%.

    That seems to resolve a lot of problems.


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    Re: System Bottlenecks

    You might consider upgrading your MoBo and CPU if you are running both GigaStudio AND Cubase on one machine today. The Celeron is not exactly the most powerful processor to begin with (\"lite\" version of a P3) and 700 MHz is unfortunately not that much these days anymore (I have seen recommendations to have at least a 800 MHz CPU if you are running Giga alone [img]images/icons/shocked.gif[/img] ).

    Athlon XP MoBo + CPU + fan combinations are pretty inexpensive these days. Check on pricewatch.com. You can get an XP1800+ combination for something like $130-140. I am running one of those cheap combinations (ECS MoBo and 1.33 Athlon CPU) with Emagic Logic 5 and an RME Hammerfall audio card and it works great.

    Upgrading to 512MB is another highly recommended step (in either case). It doesn\'t have to be DDR memory (although it certainly won\'t hurt). You might be able to use your current memory for now.


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