At the moment I have everything working great, with my Audiophile 24/96 I can select inputs 5 and 6 in Logic Audio 5.5.1 for windows and it records whatever I'm hearing. If I mute all the tracks in Logic apart from the midi track I want Gigastudio to play I can record that track directly in to the sequencer as an audio track, it's great!! I recently tried to update my card by moving up to the Audiophile 192 which sounds better but doesn't offer this feature? WHY???
I'm now back to my Audiophile 24/96 and I spent the money on a half decent mic. My question is: Is there a card that will support this feature so I can record directly from Gigastudio in to a sequencer. Obviously it has to be an upgrade over the 24/96 else it's not worth the bother.

hope someone has the answer, sending the 192 back broke my heart, it sounded so much better!!!

thanks for your time