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Topic: CME UF 8

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    CME UF 8

    I bought a CME UF 8 05.2005. I received it 08.2005.
    It looks very nice and the keys, knobs and sliders
    feel very good. (UF8 =490EUR)
    But there was a big problem: The Keys b3/cis4 /dis4/fis4 did`nt transmit midi velocity below 30.
    I sent it back to the onlineshop and bought a yamaha P250.
    Now i am happy! (P250 =1990 EUR)

    Your experiences with controlers?

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    Thumbs down Re: CME UF 8

    You've got me worried now. I ordered a CME UF8 last week. I received it next day, but it was quite clearly a demo model that had been on display in the store. The store tried pretending it was brand new, but since the box had been opened, the leads, driver CD and manual were missing (they 'turned up' the next day) and one end of the keyboard was cracked I didn't really believe them, and insisted on a replacement.

    I'm still waiting for the replacement, and haven't bothered installing the one I've currently got. But now you've got me worried that the replacement isn't actually worth waiting for anyway. The keyboard got a great review in a magazine I read, but their priority probably wasn't the kind of nuanced playing required for orchestral mockups.

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    Re: CME UF 8

    Craig Anderton gave that keyboard an amazing review. I bought that controller based on his review.

    Very big mistake on my part. It might be an ok midi trigger for some things however for "real" piano players it is quite poor indeed (that is the nicest comment I can make about the UF8).

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    Re: CME UF 8

    I tested one out recently at the local shop - compared to the (admitedly higher end and much more expensive) Roland and Yamaha models that they had, the action was really rather clunky... a decision would depend on how much you value having a superior action for genuine 'piano' playing.

    I tried to convince myself that it could do for my purposes, but it just wasn't inexpensive enough for that...

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    Re: CME UF 8

    I also had one but returned it for the some reasons- strange weighting and worse, its velocity range doesn't go all the way up 127. You could hit the thing with a sledge hammer and only get 110 values....

    I bought a Yamaha P90 for piano parts and its range along with a Keystation 49e for quicker parts and drums. Also it has a mod wheel and slider for realtime controlling. Great duo and much nicer than the UF8. The CME needs a major revision IMO.

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    Re: CME UF 8

    i remember reading somewhere that this is a common problem with the first generation of the uf8. it stems from a malprogrammed chip or something, if i remember correctly. the good news is that the company offers free replacement of said chip, though. you should check with their customer support and all will be well (i suppose)

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    Re: CME UF 8

    What do you guys expect from a product that's not only made in China, but actually designed in China as well? I've been living in China for the past 4 years (I'm Chinese), and believe me, you want to stay away from stuff made in China in most cases. Maybe in 10 or 15 years the quality will be fine, but for now, it's like decades ago with products made in Japan--all crap. Look at Japanese made products now--one of the best.

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    Re: CME UF 8

    I bought one and quite like it.

    I don't use the USB connection as it generates stuck notes etc. I thought I had that fixed with a driver update, but it started again. Though to be fair to CME I haven't been back to see if there are any more driver revisions, or if it's a setting I've missed or whatever. Midi works fine, so I just use that for now. Their forum is friendly and helpful too.

    One thing is the action, which I quite like actually, nice and heavy. But when you haven't used it for a bit the keys are even heavier. The guy on the forum recommends running your hand up and down the keys before you start playing, which isn't a bad idea, except for the fact that you're unlikely to play all the keys (notes) in any one session or song. So, within 10 minutes, back to Extra-Firm! It's a bit annoying, but given the price of it, I'm not gonna complain too much. Also I far prefer it to the M-Audio one. Really don't like the keys or action on that. Totally down to personal preference though!

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    Re: CME UF 8


    If you compare the action of a CME UF8 with a Fatar SL-880 PRO, whichone is better in your opinion?

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    Re: CME UF 8

    Quote Originally Posted by Benecs

    If you compare the action of a CME UF8 with a Fatar SL-880 PRO, whichone is better in your opinion?
    Tough one. I have the Triton Studio 88 which I think uses the Fatar action, and it's good. Cop-out answer this, but they're different, you should really check them out yourself if you can..

    Bear in mind that the CME does get hard when you're not using it, but one it's loosened off, I like the weight of it.

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