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Topic: Audio mixdown problem

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    Audio mixdown problem

    Hi All, Cubase SX2, Gigastudio 3, VSL performance tool.
    For some reason, audio mixdown is only producing a blank file. Everything is set up and working - I can play the instrument using the legato tool, record the midi file and play it back perfectly. Locators are set in cubase, I've tried with the "record" button on in Giga master channel, but all I can end up with is the completely useless empty wave file! PLEASE HELP !!
    Thanks in anticipation.

    P4 3.2
    Win XP SP1
    2 Gb ram
    STAudio DSP24

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    Re: Audio mixdown problem

    Are you in Rewire mode? How is the MIDI being sent to GS - using Rewire or GS3 MIDI ports?

    Have you got the Real-Time export box checked on the create mixdown dialog?

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    Re: Audio mixdown problem

    Thanks for your reply Firm,
    Yes, I'm in rewire mode, setup is soundcard into Cubase, Cubase to VSL midirouter, VSL midirouter to Performance Tool, Performance tool to Gigastudio.
    As I said, playback is perfect, although when trying to bounce track to audio, (file - export - audio mixdown) the audio track isn't being created. When checking "real time export" in export dialog, no sound is heard, and no signal is shown on soundcard mixer, hence no track is being recorded. Hope you can help.

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