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Topic: PCP-80: how to merge normal+pedal samples

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    PCP-80: how to merge normal+pedal samples

    This question is meant for mr. Akihito Okawa, but I ask it here instead of private, because the answer might interest some other people.

    I bought the PCP-80 with the group buy, and I'm thrilled with the sound of it! I use Logic Express and the EXSP sample player. In the manual, there is a description on how to use the pedal on samples: by copying the MIDI-data to another channel. But I wonder if they can be used in real time too, together with the normal sample set. I don't know all the secrets of Logic Express yet, but I wonder of it can be done, so I can play the instrument in all its possible glory.



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    Re: PCP-80: how to merge normal+pedal samples

    Hello Tommy,

    There are several reasons that I didn't marged the ringing effect sound with the normal sustain .exs file.

    But I'll post a new .exs file to the registered user area on our website in a couple of days.
    The new .exs file includes the normal sustain and the ringing effect.


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    Re: PCP-80: how to merge normal+pedal samples

    Great! I must say, this forum has led me to buy some of the best (sampled) musical instruments I have, and it's wonderful the developers show the same strive for perfection as their instruments. Thank you very much!


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