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Topic: Ambience not working in Logic (OS X)

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    Ambience not working in Logic (OS X)

    I'm using Logic Pro 7.1.1, on a Power Mac G5, OS X.4.3 (Tiger).

    GPO was installed fine, then I wanted to install the Ambience reverb.
    I've followed the instructions and copied the ambience component file into the relevent directory, but then when I launched Logic, a message said "application auval quit unexpedly" - I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it?

    In any case, ambience is not available as a plug-in in Logic, - it just isn't there in the lists!

    Has anyone else had this problem? - How do I solve it?

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    Re: Ambience not working in Logic (OS X)


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    Re: Ambience not working in Logic (OS X)

    Does it show up in other apps (e.g., Garageband)? If not, then Ambience is installed incorrectly. If so, then Logic may have some installation issue.

    Ambience works fine for me in all my audio unit hosts (including Logic), but it does not display the GUI correctly. It defaults to the other display mode. I haven't looked into why this is the case yet.

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