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Topic: Bass to blow your socks off ...

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    Bass to blow your socks off ...

    Hi Gang,

    I just ran across this radical new bass speaker technology -


    I wonder how this would work with Gary's pipe organ? If you had this subwoofer at your feet, it might just blow your socks off. Or really cool your feet on a hot day? Hmmmmm ....


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    Exclamation Re: Bass to blow your socks off ...

    THIS IS SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Kinda pricy, though...
    I've been trying to figure out a way to more effeciently produce lower tones. This is amazing!!!!!!
    Too bad the human hearing range stops at 16 htz...

    Thanks for sharing this!

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    Re: Bass to blow your socks off ...

    I'll bet this technology develops quite a fan base...

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    Re: Bass to blow your socks off ...

    Human hearing does not stop at 20 hz, and it doesn't stop at 16, it stops at different places for different people. I have a 67 cubic foot cabinet with a single 30" woofer that is made by Electro-Voice. It only needs 350- 600 watts to move the massive 30" styrofoam (light and rigid) cone back and forth over an inch safely. These woofers have been used for years by pipe organ manufacturers to produce the low end that 32' pipes create when there was no space for a 32' long pipe. A properly tuned 32' pipe from a pipe organ produces 16 hz.

    I have used this speaker in Easter productions at churches for thunder and earthquake effects. One of the visitors who is a sound man at another church came up to me afterwards and asked what I used to create the vibration for the earthquake and ear popping thunder. I said I recorded the thunder with AKG C460B mics and the earthquake was made up of different noises that I had recorded.
    I told him that I use two double 18" sub cabinets that create the sound that you actually hear, the top end of the double 18" cabinets were cut off (crossed over) at 50 Hz, and a the single 30" ElectroVoice cabinet that was under the Tomb stage left, crossed over at 25 Hz. He said,,,, "NO WAY,
    I felt the floor in the balcony MOVING!"

    I said "I know, I'll show you ".... so I did.
    The single 30" cabinet is flat plus or minus 3 db down to 11 Hz.

    Trust me I can easily hear 14 Hz. but the pitch is only recognizable as a note when music playing, otherwise it is so low the pitch is not detectable as a note.


    Trust your ears, not myths about sound and recording.


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