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Topic: Newbee needs help..GPO Studio sample formats??

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    Newbee needs help..GPO Studio sample formats??

    I'm a first time poster,

    I bought the GPO package with GPO Studio, Overture, Cubasis VST4, etc.
    and I know just enough about computers to be totaly dangerous.

    From lurking around and reading these, and a few other similar forums, (Auditorium, Native instruments, etc.) I see various sound sample packages for several unique instruments I would like to try out, and possibly add to my basic GPO set...

    (I'm also a newb in the area of composing, but am trying to change that!!..I believe there is a small talent which might even become better with time and effort... at least I hope so..)

    Can anyone provide a listing of Sample Formats that are GPO Studio friendly??
    and if if none are, then a means of adding to the GPO sounds set either by purchase or free download??

    Thank you ahead of time, for any help you might provide me!


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    Re: Newbee needs help..GPO Studio sample formats??

    GPO Studio will only load the GPO Kontakt Player.

    The GPO Kontakt Player will only load the GPO instruments and nothing else.

    If these other sample libraries have their own VST plugins, then you can use something line Bidule ( http://www.plogue.com ) to host them all together. You'll need a virtual MIDI cable though. Do a google for MIDI Yoke (forgot the URL, sorry)

    Alternatively, you can also get the crossgrade to the full version of Kontakt, which will load GPO as well as these other samples. It's going for $200 at audiomidi.com.

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    Re: Newbee needs help..GPO Studio sample formats??

    Welcome to the forums.

    I second DZComposer's suggestion of crossgrading to the full Kontakt. But if you're just getting started, and want to get acquainted with other sampled instruments to play with GPO, you might want to check out soundfonts (sf2 format) for adding voices to your library collection. Many are freeware, or can be purchased at little cost. Sites such as:


    have oodles of samples, and:


    offers a free sample player. Will you get sonic quality on par with a library like GPO? Most probably not, but it's an easy way to begin exploring and experiencing. Good luck.

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