crazy not having anything to work with! I was on my old midi set up and couldn't continue with all them nasty GM sounds! (Sorry Roland, but after GPO, GOS lite, and Diva ... nothing else fits the bill!). Funny how spoiled I am without the goods. Kind of feels as if my wife left me, the dog ran away, my car was taken away, roof leaks, my girlfriend ran away with my best friend, momma doesn't bake cookies anymore, the kids won't stop fighting, there's nothing left in the cupboard, all the beer is gone, someone ate all the chicken wings, and Tyra Banks just called and laughed at me all night.
Kinda gets you right here, doesn't it? No, not there! HERE! Yeah ... no, no, put that away! Here ya varmint. Ooooo I hates them rabbits!
Guess it's time for some demos.