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Topic: Problems updating; MAC updater download??

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    Problems updating; MAC updater download??

    I've just been to the NI website and downloaded the GPO_11U_OSX_Updater.sit (.download)
    to update my new GPO.

    I'm on a Power Mac G5, OS X.4.3 Tiger, using Logic Pro 7.1.1 as my host.

    My question really, is what do I do with the above file? - "There is no default application" assigned to the file, - it doesn't dop anything itself, and I can't seem to open it in anything.

    I want to update GPO, but I don't know how!
    All help is gratefully appreciated.

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    Re: Problems updating; MAC updater download??

    It's a .sit file which should automatcially extract itself into an updater which you double click to begin the update process. Try unstuffing the file manually if you need to. I remember having a similiar problem with the update when I used IE to download it. I switched to Safari, and then had no problem downloading the correct file.


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