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Topic: Cubasis VST

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    Cubasis VST

    I have a friend who wants to begin using a sequencer and GPO. GPO comes bundled with Cubasis VST. Where can I find Specs. for this program. Should I encourage her to purchase Cubase SE instead?


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    Re: Cubasis VST

    The Cubasis VST that comes with GPO is certainly a good starting place to get into sequencing with, but I've never been able to find out any specific information about it from Steinberg. It seems as though it's a version that they don't sell by itself. The main limitation I found with it was that it only supports 48 audio tracks - that's 24 stereo pairs, or 24 vst instruments total. That translates to 3 instances of GPO in the VST synth rack. 24 instruments might seem like a lot at first but once you start getting into larger orchestrations or want to add other VST instruments you'll see how quickly it fills up. The thing I always look for in a sequencer is unlimited audio and Midi tracks (or limited only by what your particular system can handle). I looked at other low-end versions of Cubase but ultimately opted for Sonar (I was already familiar with Cakewalk Home Studio and it was more comfortable for me to work with).

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    Re: Cubasis VST

    Quote Originally Posted by loogoo
    I was already familiar with Cakewalk Home Studio and it was more comfortable for me to work with).
    Cakewalk Home Studio is a very good starting point to learn sequencing...the price is good and also allows lower-priced upgrades to Sonar if/when you are ready.


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    Re: Cubasis VST

    My vote is for Tracktion
    http://www.mackie.com/products/tracktion2/splash.html It is for Mac or PC.

    It has UNLIMITED audio and MIDI tracks, is CPU and Ram friendly, and is VERY easy to use.

    It is also one of the most inexpensive DAWs out there that can do some pretty advanced things.

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