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Topic: GS impressions pt 2

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    GS impressions pt 2

    Its been a month or so since GS has been on my system. I write this note to just balance the others here on this list. I use the list a lot to work out problems and such (as we all do) and consequently sometimes it looks pretty negative to someone looking in.

    GS is working solidly on my system. My akai has not been switched on since GS. It has crashed perhaps 2 or 3 times in a month and this was probably due to incorrect useage by me. At the moment it is on and working hard 12 hours a day.
    I have it dedicated to a one pc. Sought out the soundcard issues..buy good harddrives etc
    and you\'ve got a fantastic sampler that is growing all the time.

    This is an unsolicited post...the only posts you ususally make are ones related to problems...i thought i\'d balance the issue
    and give credit to Gigasampler.


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    Re: GS impressions pt 2

    John, that is good news. I think that most of us are very pleased with GS, but we still have a lot of suggestions though. Fortunatly Nemesys seems to working on a version with most suggestions in it.
    I have a question. Do you edit a lot of sounds? I unfortunatly have a lot of crashes, but only when saving sounds and switching in and out the editor. GS itself has not crashed once.

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    Re: GS impressions pt 2

    Hello Joris,

    I build a lot of GIGs. I have many sounds that have become favs that i used on my akai.
    I have built many drum kits and synth patches. Saving and playing them does not cause crashes for me.
    I do aggree with you that there are many suggestions that could make GS a better sampler. There always will be i suppose, but its a very encouraging start.

    I do find a lot of the working methods awkward at times but i\'m still new and my head still thinks like an Akai. Time will
    help this.



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