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Topic: Good bass libraries

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    Good bass libraries

    I've been thinking about finally getting a decent multisample bass library. I'm mainly looking for electric basses but a good acoustic bass library would be nice too. The bass samples I'm using right now only have 1 velocity level and the samples are stretched over more than one key - needless to say, they don't sound that realistic (or at least not near as realistic as multivelocity samples would). So far I'm looking at the two "Pure E-bass" libraries from Yellow Tools which seem pretty good. The other one I saw was "Bass Legends" from Spectrasonics, though I'm only interested in it's multisamples. I could care less about the loops and phrases and I don't know if getting it just for the multisamples would be worth it or not. I haven't really found any others. Non-synth bass libraries seem kinda rare. Does anyone have any recommendations?

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    Re: Good bass libraries

    Scarbee's bass libraries are really good. I'd start there, and see what you think.

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    Re: Good bass libraries

    I think the Spectrasonics Trilogy library would have just about everything you need. Quite a few different electric and acoustic basses to pick from.


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    Re: Good bass libraries

    Yes, Trilogy is quite good and versatile. I like also electric basses from QL Hardcore Bass (less versatile ).

    Best, Kuba

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    Re: Good bass libraries

    Thanks for the suggestions. Scarbee's two bass libraries sound great. I'd probably get the fingered bass one since I usually don't use slap bass too much. I wish they had a picked bass library. Trilogy seems very versatile, though I generally try to stay away from VSTs and stick with giga and akai samples. I guess I'm a little jaded from some of my VST experiences in the past (slow, crashing, etc.). Maybe I should try and get back into using them again (after some more RAM upgrades).

    How about upright bass? Any good libraries for that? I found the Larry Seyer one, but I can't find any demos for it, so I have no idea what it sounds like.

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    Re: Good bass libraries

    You're missing out if you don't give Trilogy a try! I just got it a week ago and I love it, the electric basses are awesome and the acoustic is so good that the director of the feature I'm working on asked me who I had gotten to play the upright!
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    Re: Good bass libraries


    Try Bardstown Audio's THE BASS. It's gut strings are unique: http://www.bardstownaudio.com/frames/CD-TY.html


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    Re: Good bass libraries

    I'm in the same boat, I need something to finish a solo project. I want a Jeff Berlin type sound and the Scarbee J-finger bass really sound like exactly the sound I want. And the price is down from where it was- it's VERY affordable. But I have to wonder if something like Trilogy would give me more variety for the future... can it or any of these other libs/plugins get that Scarbee sound??

    Alan L.'s acoustic bass that was put into BellaD's Studio B is also really cool sounding.

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    Re: Good bass libraries

    Larry Seyers' Upright Bass is still brilliant but the sweet spot is too sweet and it's not very versatile. Trilogy has an amazing range and the Upright is very good and useful in lots of ways.

    I have both of these, but having heard the demo of the Upright in Yellow Tools Majestic I think that's the best for a real, person actually playing an actual Upright bass solution. It just seems to have a more harmonic/dirty/warm feel of that thing that only an Upright bass can deliver.

    It seems ridiculous to pay $400 for 2.5 gigs of an instrument - I don't know for sure but I think all my other bass needs are probably met by Trilogy. (You get loads more bass with Majestic but the only thing I need from it is the Upright.)

    Lastly, having heard the Bardstown audio gut string bass demo, that sounds fantastic for earlier (up to 60's?) basses.

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