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Topic: What PC sould I buy? help.....

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    Question What PC sould I buy? help.....

    Hi to all, hope you can give me some good clues. I have a two year old Powerbook G4 Titanim 1ghz CPU / 1ghz RAM. Rather than buying a new Mac quad I was thinking of using a PC with Gigastudio as an external sampler. In that way i suppose my mac would'nt make to many efforts by reading, say, 64 midi tracks and sending them to the PC, right? So these are my questions:

    1 - Assuming I'd like to have the maximum polyphony and best performance one could have by using, as a start, just one Gigastudio system, using big orchestra sample libraries (such as Vienna Symphonic Library etc), which would be the best specs? CPU, RAM, HD......are RAID disks useful?

    2 - Talking about the rest of the hardware I'm about to buy a Motu Traveler (I work on Logic) as the main sound card for my Mac which i will use also to monitor the audio return of the PC's samples, is the quality of the PC's soundcard important? I mean even a cheap one with an optical adat out could be ok? Or am i saying someting stupid? Also I need to buy two MIDI interfaces, any advice on which ones to buy? I saw such a difference in price that I'm a bit confused, I was planning to use at least 4 midi outs (64 channels right?)...

    Hope you can give me some good advice, thank you all for your help....
    pat :-)

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    Re: What PC sould I buy? help.....

    Pat -

    Try searching both Giga forum and hardware forum wiith Search Terms: PC Specification (or configuration) Giga or GS. I remember lots of threads talking to both off-the-shelf systems and self-built systems.

    If you aren't so interested in saving every possible dollar - you can have somebody build one for you. I had my Giga DAW built by Advanced Designs in Kentucky. It's been working fine for 3 years. These guys - as well as other DAW specialized shops know which MB goes with with RAM, which soundcards are most GIga friendly etc. and can save you all the headaches. You could by a DELL off the shelf, but then you'll need to spend lots of time turning things off for optimization, researching sound cards for that machine, etc.

    Hope that helps,

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