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Topic: Bob Moog's midi piano bar

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    Bob Moog's midi piano bar

    Bob Moog's company is so cool. Unfortunately he did pass away just a few months back in case you didn't know that while reading this post.

    You will need Quicktime to play this video
    the video and sound quality are very poor but it does show it in action imagine playing a real grand piano for your midi controller... cool!

    piano bar

    This is one of his products that you piano players really need to check out. It is awesome. You set this on your piano and it picks up the movement of the keys with optical sensors (light) most likely L.E.D.'s and converts your piano playing into midi. How awesome! A little pricey, but my friend has one, and he says it has incredible accuracy with regard to timing and velocity.

    more info


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    Re: Bob Moog's midi piano bar

    It's a great way to capture piano performances, and a very cool performance enhancer - strings over keys is so romantic you could just barf. Or slobber all over your date. Or both...

    (In case I hadn't said so in some other thread - I want one! )
    It's all about the music - really. I keep telling myself that...

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