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Topic: Gigastudio system: Network?

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    Gigastudio system: Network?

    Hi y\'all,

    Is it possible to have the gigasystem as part of a home network? Or would this present something of a problem? I should mention that, on this machine, I\'d have my OS/Giga Program/desktop app\'s on one hard drive, and giga samples on their own drive.

    My concern is that the gigastudio could get \"confused\" by the computer continually checking on its network status, etc., etc.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Re: Gigastudio system: Network?

    Not a problem usually. It would only get confused if you have any \"mapped\" network drives on the Giga Machine. Otherwise, it will only look locally on its own drives. With a mapped drive, it would only look on that drive specifically so you have control over what it searches for. You can also filter out wave files from its database settings and keep if from hunting down every wave file on the system. I use my giga machines for many tasks from sequencing, internet & email, artwork and video production. On the GSM tutorial, I used several Giga machines to render while editing on the master machine. It all seems to work fine. Everything is networked together. In fact, I\'m writing this on my Sound Chaser Giga Daw while my main internet computer is making CDs.
    Have fun
    David Govett

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    Re: Gigastudio system: Network?

    I have my giga machine at home (which also runs Sonar 2 at the same time) connected to my network, and also a giga machine at work. It does not cause any problems that I am aware of.

    -- Martin

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