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Topic: Giga3 computer for dummies

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    Giga3 computer for dummies

    HI everyone. I won a Gigastudio3 Orchestra at work and have no idea what kind of computer to run it on(its been sitting in my closet for a month)

    I need some to walk me through which computer to get. I dont need to build one, I just need to get up and running. I originally planned on getting a laptop for portability but was told that a tower would be better. I wanted to just use Giga as a sound module but was told that would be overkill.

    I appreciate anyone who wouldn't mind helping.....Thanks

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    Re: Giga3 computer for dummies

    If you do a search in this forum on "systems that work", you will find a thread with many working examples.

    All the best,


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    Re: Giga3 computer for dummies

    Depending how big is your scope. GS is a sampler by the way and didn't the package and the manual states the minimum or recommended requirements for installation?

    The free samples provided (even though its 17Gb) actually aren't really playable - very restricted in some way or another.

    If you're loading big stuffs the laptop wouldn't cope - need to get a desktop or tower. Actually a Dell would do - but as always, building up your own is the best.

    Anyway, make sure the hard drive speed is at least 7200rpm (10,000 or more is recommended), 1-2GB of ram, M-audio, EMU or any other pro soundcards and at least 2.8Ghz processor will do.
    Peter Wong

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    Re: Giga3 computer for dummies

    Where do you work that GigaStudio even comes up in conversation? That's pretty cool.
    Some experts learn more and more about less and less, until at last they know everything there is about nothing at all.

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    Re: Giga3 computer for dummies

    You have many great resources to choose from in todays market place. It is recommended you contact your local area music /computer specialist who could guide you in the right direction. As with any software program you are still dealing with computers, so do not be suprised when a system in the early stages off the shelf may not always behave the way you would like it to. the idea of a custom system is important because it takes into account the importance of Audio/Midi performance.

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    Re: Giga3 computer for dummies

    This is the configuration for my DAW. The o/s is XP PRO it handles RAID 0
    DAW ONE: CPU: 3.4GHz; RAM: 2 GIGS DDR400; Mobo P4 GIGABYTE ;80GIG IDE HD;2 X WD SATA HD Raptors 10KRPM 74GIG in RAID 0;
    M Audio Firewire 410; Midisport 8X8

    Hauptwerk V3
    DAW TWO: CPU: 2.4 GHz Dual Core; RAM 4 gigs DDR2533: MOBO Asrock ConRoeFirex - eSATA2; 2 x SATA 80 GIG, HDs; M Audio Delta 1010 and a Delta 1010LT, soundcards; MOTU Express 128 i/f

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    Re: Giga3 computer for dummies

    Quote Originally Posted by Alewis
    Where do you work that GigaStudio even comes up in conversation? That's pretty cool.
    Maybe I can still hold out hope for the SI symphonic Collection from Secret Santa!


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