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Topic: new to the forum - and scoring for games :-)

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    new to the forum - and scoring for games :-)

    hi everybody :-)

    just wanted to introduce myself as "the new guy" around here. i've been reading along for quite a while now and decided to register a couple days ago, just so to be able to join in on a conversation here and there if i feel like it.

    my musical background is actually that of a jazz-guitarist (been studying at the conservatory of arnhem/netherlands), but i've always had the desire to write music for games... which is, as you've probably guessed, why i came here in the first place :-)

    since i actually have quite a background in composing, but not so much for large ensemble (let alone orchestra), so i decided i'd simply jump in the deep water and see how thinks work out. once i feel i've come up with some pieces worthwhile enough to be shown around i'll be putting together a demo-reel to send out to developers and possibly (moreso, hopefully) be able to either make some valuable contacts or - who knows - even get REALLY lucky and land a gig composing music for a game of any sorts.

    to cut a long story short, i'd like to invite everybody to listen to this little piece of music (link at the bottom of this post) i composed over the course of the last couple of days (on and off, as much as i had the time to). i set myself to the task of writing an athmospheric piece of background music, not so much a theme but moreso something you'd maybe encounter in a game whilst walking around the scenery, probably in an RPG or some kind of stuff.

    i'f you guys would be so kind as to offer ANY form of constructive criticism, i'd be very thankful, as i realize i still have awful lots to learn when it comes to composing for orchestra, or even GAMES, for that matter. i definitely can take some harsh blows, so don't hesitate to tell me if you think that this piece sucks :-) just make sure to tell me WHY EXACTLY you think so, please, so i can gain information on what fields of writing and scoring i need to improve in.

    so much for my - rather lengthy - selfintroduction. i guess i'll be seeing you around quite a bit, thanks in advance for any kind of advice you may have to offer,



    here's the link to the mp3:

    i'll change that to a link to my mp3-site as soon as the file has been approved. until then, yousendit will have to do. hope it works :-)

    edit: obviously i'm not allowed (or am too stupid to) post links to websites. what do i have to do to be able to do so? i'd really like to gather your guys' opinions... please enlighten me. thanks!

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    Question Re: new to the forum - and scoring for games :-)

    You should have no trouble posting a link. Just cut n paste from your browser, like this example:
    Doyle W. Donehoo, Composer
    Radar Music

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    Re: new to the forum - and scoring for games :-)

    well, that's what i tried to do, but i get a message on top of the screen that tells me to remove the url from my post. i just now noticed the posting rules at the bottom of the page that clearly state that i may not post attachments. why is that? hmh, guess i'm not good enogh for ya folks 'round here, huh?

    well, once i get this sorted out i will post the link to the piece and hope that you guys are kind enough to give a few comments. until then...

    see ya's :-)

    p.s: sorry for any bad use of the english language which might take place in any of my posts. i'm not a native speaker, so please bear with me if you will... ;-) thanks for your understanding

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    Re: new to the forum - and scoring for games :-)

    There's a minimum post count before you are able to post links. Its floated around that this is 5 posts. So spam it up and you should be able to post that link very soon.

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    Re: new to the forum - and scoring for games :-)

    Well until you have the 5 posts we can assume that this is the greatest piece of music ever written
    Michael Peter

    If music be the food of love...
    play on

    William Shakespeare


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    Re: new to the forum - and scoring for games :-)

    Quote Originally Posted by His Frogness
    Well until you have the 5 posts we can assume that this is the greatest piece of music ever written
    YOU BET!

    ... or rather, i wish... :-)

    no really, seems like 5 posts is not enough. this will be my number ten (benn spamming the board quite a bit, but i hope people bear with me), so lets see if this will suffice.

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