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Topic: BFD drums and Trilogy Bass on Digi 002 Rack

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    Question BFD drums and Trilogy Bass on Digi 002 Rack

    I would like to get both BFD drums and Trilogy Bass. But I see so many red flags especially about BFD on Mac G5s. Please lend me some advice on this issue. I don't want to throw away my money for something I won't be able to use. Below is my studio setup:

    G5 dual 2.5
    4 gig Ram
    250 gig internal drive(1 partition)
    Digi 002 Rack
    Pro Tools 6.9
    Lacie external Firewire drive - 500 gig - for PT audio

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: BFD drums and Trilogy Bass on Digi 002 Rack

    BFD and Trilogy both working happily on my G5 2 in Logic.

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    Re: BFD drums and Trilogy Bass on Digi 002 Rack

    Like Rob says - there are no problems with BFD on a G5. It is quite processor intensive, however.

    Anything from Spectrasonics works well. Trilogy - no problems at all. Very good piece of kit.

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    Re: BFD drums and Trilogy Bass on Digi 002 Rack

    I have seen comments that it is better to have either a dedicated partitioned internal drive or a dedicated external firewire drive for BFD to work smoothly without chocking up your system or crashing pro tools. Is that true? Can I put the BFD audio files on my external drive where my pro tools audio fiiles also reside?

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    Re: BFD drums and Trilogy Bass on Digi 002 Rack


    There shouldn't be any problems running BFD on your G5. In terms of using BFD and Trilogy , I believe that Trilogy loads to RAM while BFD for the most part is disc streaming because of the sample sizes ( you can load all to ram ) .

    A dedicated harddisk is recommended as the harddisks only have so much through-put and a good fast firewire drive will provide the needed speed sure , even better a firewire 800 or internal SATA drive. It can work with less or on drives with other samples/audio running off them , but your millage may vary .

    With BFD 1.5 there has been alot of mac optimization included and this is being worked on further to make BFD as efficient as possible . As it matures it has become much less CPU heavy then when it first came out .Hope this helps, any further questions , feel free to ask .

    Johnny - FXpansion Audio

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    Re: BFD drums and Trilogy Bass on Digi 002 Rack

    A lot of people had problems with Digi 002s and BFD on external Firewire drives until recently. Turns out the problem is that all the Firewire ports on G5s share the same bus, and it chokes badly when you try and stream large amounts of data off HD at the same time as streaming audio to/from the 002.


    - add a PCI or PCMCIA Firewire card to your system, run any external hard drives off that. such cards are only about 20 bucks.

    - use a dual- or triple-interface (Firewire 400/800, USB2) external drive (many newer Lacie d2s have all three ports) in USB2 mode.

    - stream BFD's data off an internal SATA drive instead of using an external drive.

    Angus F. Hewlett, CEO
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    Re: BFD drums and Trilogy Bass on Digi 002 Rack

    Thank you guys for your feedback. I appreciate that. At least now I have a chance to get the right environment setup before I get these instruments.

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