I\'ve had this recurring problem since I tried to install the audition software for Spectrasonic\'s Metamorphosis library. It installed some piece of software (that I quickly uninstalled) and quicktime.

Since then, the GS output periodically makes a \"pffzt\"-like noise and sound output stops. To work around this I have to go to Hardware/Routing in the Settings area, reselect my audio driver (delta-66 Gigasampler Driver) and hit apply. I have been unable to identify any \"trigger\" that causes this to happen.

Though I\'ve found a workaround, its still a giant PITA. It also costs me time when I have to re-record tracks or mixes when this problem occurs. And it just plain looks bad in front of clients.

I\'ve got to get this to stop. King, Bob, any other Gurus - please help!!!