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Topic: Using giga with a mac based studio

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    Using giga with a mac based studio

    Hi everyone,
    I have a mac based studio using Logic Pro 6. I have a G5 dual 2.0, 4 gigs of RAM.

    Thinking about going giga and picking up a carillon audio PC to use as a standalone sampler (giga).

    Question, how do you use giga when the daw is mac based? Do I just run analog audio out of the giga PC into the analog ins on my interface and record it into logic as audio tracks? Is there latency with this setup?

    ...Or is there some other way to do it?

    Many thanks,

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    Re: Using giga with a mac based studio

    Hi shnurgle,

    Here is a layout of my system, it is pretty self explanatory.

    Hope this sheds some light.
    I use a Mac G5 dual 2.0 ghz machine with 3.5 gigs ram and Giga on a Dell PC purchased new from Ebay, it works excellent!
    I have since replaced the MOTU 828 MarkII with a MOTU Traveler audio interface. The PC has an installed RME HDSP 9652 soundcard which supports 3 ADAT Lightpipe outputs as well as three ADAT lightpipe inputs. Each ADAT lightpipe carries 8 mono channels of audio or four stereo or any combination thereof.


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    Re: Using giga with a mac based studio

    Thanks! Very helpful

    So the adat lightpipe is the only connection from the Dell interface to the mac via the traveler. Interesting.

    And you can use the MIDI express to trigger samplers VI's hosted on the mac as well as the gig on the Dell. very cool.

    So, what the shnarf is word clock anyway?

    Hey, so i'm setriously considering DP for film scoring purposes. I have a very specific question ahbout dp the answer of which no one has been able to provide on any forum, and this is the only reason I haven't switch from Logic yet.

    Here is the problem in Logic:

    When you're trying to load a heap of patches into logic (for example, I load 80 Gold patches at once for film scoring purposes, to have the full orchestra at my fingertips), it's best to utilize Kompakt's "Multi" option (where you can load up to 8 patches per Kompakt instance). Some folks argue that the difference on CPU/RAM load between loading a sperate Kompakt instance per patch, versus loading 8 patches per instance is minimal, but they're wrong. For example, if I tried to load 80 instances of Kompakt into a Logic session, my G5 dual 2.0 with 4 GB of RAM would squat over my face and give me the proverbial "Heisman." But, utilizing Kompakt's multis, I can load 80 patches with only 10 instances of the sample player. With this setup, not only do I keep a deuce-free punim, but I can jump around between 80 patches, and I still have enough juice to load a large movie into the session AND lay a Space Designer convo verb on top of it all, and I get ZERO POPS/CLICKS. I've tried to do this loading 1 patch/audio inst track (a.k.a. 1 instance per patch) and it just DON"T WORK.

    So it's here that the Logic problem is introduced. When you setup your multis in the environment, you have to cable a "multi instrument" (with 8 MIDI channels enabled) to a single "audio object" (which will host 1 instance of Kompakt with 8 patches loaded within it).

    Here's the rub:
    Logic hardwires all midi channels within that Multi instrument to Channel 1.

    Don't ask me why, it's totally absurd and defeats the very purpose of utilizing multi instruments in the 1st place. In layman's terms, this means that if you try automating volume for track 3, you will be adjusting volume for tracks 1, 2, and 4-8 as well. There's no way to fix this, it's a fundamental flaw in logic's design.

    The common workaround (which only works because EWQLSO was recorded, sampled, and panned so damn well) is to go back into the environment and cable a transformer between the "multi inst" and the "audio object" that converts CC7 (volume) to CC11 (expression). This way, you can effectivly automate volume for each of your tracks (80 in my case), but you still can't automate pan or plug ins on a per track basis (only for each group of 8).

    Does DP have this same problem, or would I be able to load a multi instrument rout each patch within that mulit to its own Midi track and then be able to automate vol, pan, FX for each of those tracks INDIVIDUALLY?

    If you can answer this question, not only do you win the golden goose, you win the golden guinea as well my brother!


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    Re: Using giga with a mac based studio

    First, I would never attempt to load that many instruments in a Mac. A PC is always better for this, don't ask why

    I use V-STack on the PC ($60.00) awesome. It is a VST host program and can load up to 16 instances of Kontakt player, that's 128 patches provided your system (processing speed and ram are sufficient). I use it for GPO, and Trilogy. If you must run your instruments in the Mac, then you would load a Kontakt instance or instances and set each patch to it's own midi channel and set the audio output to whatever stereo buss you prefer. Of course this is how it works in DP, but I don't know about Logic.

    I would recomment printing all your audio to audio tracks. This is much better for mixing. To get professional results with midi pan and volume is a joke compared to mixing it from audio tracks. If you don't print the sounds to audio tracks, you can not use any plugins for the individual instruments.

    My hands would be tied if that's how I had to work.

    So do I get a prize ?

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    Re: Using giga with a mac based studio

    Dapper Dan,

    First, I would never attempt to load that many instruments in a Mac. A PC is always better for this, don't ask why
    Actually, I have no problem loading 80 EWQLSO Gold patches into logic, using the CC11 workaround I mentioned below. (Granted I do have a pretty suped up mac) With any other library, I feel it would be a limitation, but because Gold sounds so good out of the box (natural pan, natural verb etc) I've never found that the individual tracks need any FX processing! That said, if I do need to feature solo instruments etc, I wil print to audio and mix that way.

    I like that Vstack, I've heard nothing but good stuff about it. Seems lik an efficient way to load lots of samples when going from PC to mac. When you cable your Vstack from the PC to the mac via adat lightpipe, how do you track it in DP (as audio, or or midi, or "audio instruments")?

    load a Kontakt instance or instances and set each patch to it's own midi channel and set the audio output to whatever stereo buss you prefer. Of course this is how it works in DP, but I don't know about Logic.
    That's how it should work but it doesn't work like that in logic as detailed above. Logic hardwires all midi channels of a multi instrument to MIDI chn 1, thus making it impossible to automate settings for specific midi channels (only globally for all 16 of the multi) unless you use the workaround I specified.

    The question for YOU, my brother, is: "in DP, if you load an instance of kontakt, set each patch in that instance to it's own midi chanel, will automating vol, pan, FX for that channel effect JUST that channel, or will it efect ALL patches/tracks in that one instance of Kontakt?"

    As for y9ou rpize, you've already won the golden nugget. If you can make this issue clear for me not only will you win the golden gwise, you'll win the Goulden's Nugget!!

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