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Topic: Hacking a stylus RMX Data.xml file

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    Lightbulb Hacking a stylus RMX Data.xml file

    Hi there, I am currently in the middle of releasing my own library for stylus RMX and noticed in the actual Core Library for stylus RMX that some loops contain multiple loops layered on top of each other. This is a great effect because it allows one to combined multiple rexed loops (ie kicks, hi hats etc) in one packaged loop. In the core library you can noticed which loops have this when dragging the loop into a sequencer and viewing the midi. If the midi has multiple chromatic scales going upwards then it is drawing from more then one loop at the same time.

    is there a way to hack a data.xml file to combined the layers of multiple loops into one loop, or is this feature programmed as part of stylus RMX and not available to anyone but Eric?

    Please let me know if this can be done


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    Re: Hacking a stylus RMX Data.xml file

    I'm not SURE about this but let me offer my thoughts.

    I don't think those "layered" MIDI parts means it is pulling sounds from multiple "loops"... I mean, this is a slight problem of semantics, but basically each "loop" in RMX is a set of hits, right? You can see this in "slice mode" where every MIDI key plays a separate hit.

    So those parts with, shall we say, "stacked" MIDI parts just means that some of the hits on that loop are playing at the same time.

    But, I mean, strictly speaking, they are ALL in the same set of hits... i.e.--they are all in the same LOOP (as programmed by Spectrasonics)...

    Does that make any sense at all?

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