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Topic: Routing RMX Multis?????

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    Routing RMX Multis?????

    Ok, I will do my best to explain the situation....Again.

    I am trying to route Brainiacs a RMX Factory Multi.

    I am opening a midi track in Cubase SX3.1 and selecting Two Speeder LoFi to be Midi Track1 and then OUT A....with me so far?

    My next step trying to get the next element which is
    World Hunt Metalmix 1a to trigger only on Midi Track 2 and I am choosing OUT B....here is the problem.

    When I do this, Midi Track 1 still plays? I am trying to get separate midi track and outs for each element in a Multi? Why are the tracks bleeding into on another?

    Hope this is a good explanation?

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    Drag & Drop

    Ok, maybe I should spend some time watching the tutorials?

    Is Drag & Drop the quickest way to place elements within a multi?

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