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Topic: IRQ sharing

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    IRQ sharing

    I have had to do a complete reformat and reinstall.

    I have got the XP tweaks from TASCAM.

    It says my sound card should have it's own IRQ. but it is sharing IRQ19 with "SiS 900-Based PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter".

    Does anyone know if this is a problem I should try and resolve. I have read some stuff from M-Audio about IRQs but it gets well complicated for this part time hobbyist.

    David Carter (DaveTubaKing)

    Intel 8 Core i7 975 Extreme Edition 3.33GHz, Corsair 12GB (6x2GB) DDR3 1333MHz , Sibelius 6.1, Symphonic cube, MIR, Vienna Choir


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    Re: IRQ sharing

    The best I can suggest is uninstall the M-Audio card, and then reinstall, but put the card in a different slot... By doing that, both the driver and XP will eventually put the sound card on it's on own IRQ... It's really trial and error but it eventually works... That's how i got my M-audio card to get on it's own irq... But it's important to remove the driver first before doing any tweaks... The M-audio cards sound great and work great when they're finally on their own irq, but dealing with their driver's protocol is a bit of a pain... anyway, hope this helps...

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