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Topic: Audio over LAN?

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    Audio over LAN?

    So there are some nice programs for midi over lan, even KVM over LAN that are both OSX and XP compatible. But I am looking for something like the JACK driver (Linux only) that is compatible with both XP and OSX for sending Audio over LAN. Anybody know of some good software for this?

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    Re: Audio over LAN?


    you know "FX Teleport" from FX-MAX? It's a test version and forum available there.

    That programm is above on my wishlist.


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    Re: Audio over LAN?

    That looks possible, although I have to find out how will it will work with Logic on the Mac. I found another called Wormhole 2 (www.plasq.com) that looks possible.
    But all of these work as VST plugs. I'm looking for something more along the lines of an actual virtual driver...

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    Re: Audio over LAN?

    7 computers?! Ah I see, you're in the music biz. Wow, that sounds good.


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    Re: Audio over LAN?

    I understand the concept of Wormhole - it works as an audio-sending VST (right?) - but I can't wrap my head around how it works in terms of multi - channel audio. I presume you can stream multiple channels/track of audio, but are they easily made independent of one another? How does LAN handle the throughput? And Paul, what DAW are you using on your g5? I'm curious if Logic plays well with this type of setup...

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