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Topic: From the Poor Man's Dept: Touch Pad Controller

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    From the Poor Man's Dept: Touch Pad Controller

    A few months back we reported on the Lemur Touch Pad controller in this post. Very cool gadget but it costs several thousand dollars.

    Now you can have a poor man's equivalent and Danish developers Livelab's Tablet 2 Midi software could be the next best thing.

    The tablet2MIDI uses standard tablet PCs or digitizer, and a cheap usb/midi cable and their inexpensive software (which is still in beta). A tablet PC can be had on ebay for several hundred dollars (e.g. a Fujitsu Stylistic) if you don't have one and digitaizers and pen tablets can be had for about $50.. It will only be mono-touch whereas the Lemur can take simultaneous movements from ten (or more) fingers - but its a start.

    "Tablet 2 Midi allows you to use your tablet / digitizer as a MIDI controller. You can define different areas of the tablet surface as different controllers, allowing you to create just the setup you need. The image above shows a 9 channel midi mixer with sliders, buttons and XY pads. Every outgoing midi CC value can be interpolated to get smooth parameter changes."

    The Lemur software is a little clucky looking, but it's inexpense. So if you have to have a touchpad control surface, and do not have the resources of Bill Gates, this may be the way to go.

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    Re: From the Poor Man's Dept: Touch Pad Controller

    Very cool!!!
    I'm still waiting for that brain2midi controller that goes inside your ear.


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