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Topic: Burning Grooves Fill Problem

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    Burning Grooves Fills Problem

    Quick one if you're knocking about here Eric, I can't seem to get any sound out of any of the elements in the Burning Grooves Fills Lo-Fi and Hi-Fi suites under my Stylus RMX setup.

    My Burning Grooves.db is patched and up to date, and actually resides in my Core Library directory (i've edited order.txt so all my expanders and New Orleans Strut appear below the 1.5 genres (makes groove navigation easier for me) .

    Everything has been working perfectly until I got Burning Grooves and put it straight in the Core Library with all my other expanders - I'm wondering if these fills are hardcoded within the db involving the EXP directory - cause they *do work* if I move the db file back into there!

    Any chance of another update like the '?' removal one if this is the way it can be fixed?

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    Re: Burning Grooves Fill Problem

    Quote Originally Posted by MagicalPlug
    Has anyone else reprogrammed their order.txt and put all their expanders in the SAGE folder like me? Makes mixing and matching libraries involve much less clicking...
    That's not a good idea. The libraries are designed to go where the installer puts them and mucking with that natural order of things will almost certainly lead to compatibility problems in the future.

    In any case, yes, those grooves should play audio. Maybe try reinstalling?

    - Glenn

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    Re: Burning Grooves Fill Problem

    I'm honestly not fussed with compatibility with updates (which I assume will likely be factory multis which I don't use anyway). RMX 1.5 already does more than everything I want, and the speed at which I can access all my grooves with all libraries under the same menu is brilliant.

    My reordering of order.txt to include the Expanders is actually the best solution to ease the problem of quick browsing across Core and EXP libraries. The main reason I did this was because there was no way to "copy" the current browsing location, and "paste" it into the next 'part' of a multi-part groove. Thus I was having to click extra times each time I wanted to use an Expander groove in a new part (which defaulted to having no location). My order.txt solution solved this and I prefer this way of working now.

    I'm about to finish downloading an HEX editor, I hopefully might be able to fix this problem myself by look at the locations in Burning Grooves.db - I'm hoping it'll just be a case of the audio data location being too directory specific (which I'm assuming it only must be for these 2 suites, because every other Expander library and suites work with my reordering of order.txt)

    Apologies if I'm setting a bad example for other users. Like Glenn said, I guess it's probably not a good idea to mess around with the locations of things unless you're willing to take responsibility when things mess up now and in the future!

    I'll post back let you know if my Hex-capades get me anywhere

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    Re: Burning Grooves Fill Problem

    Update: Glenn I've found the problem. Its this suites use of explicit SYMLINK coding to the EXP Library folder. I assume SYMLINK stands for symbolic link. As Burning Grooves seems to be the only expander to use symbolic linking as part of a suite, this explains why it took until I got this expander for my order.txt and Core Library method of working to hit problems.

    Anyway I've Hex edited the Burning Grooves.db and changed the SYMLINKs to point to Core Library instead. Works fine now!!

    Apologies again for such a fuss. I have nothing but praise for Spectrasonics, brilliant company, brilliant people, and brilliant instruments!!

    Keep up the good work!!!!!

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    Re: Burning Grooves Fill Problem

    Ha ha -- you ARE setting a bad example -- and I want in on it!!

    RMX is brilliant -- but one of the very few small pains in the workflow comes when having to load up elements from the same expander suites. I feel like I'm clicking and scrolling all DAY to get back to the parts I was just looking at 5 seconds ago.

    I felt the layout from the beginning was so perfect -- but now, in use I find myself sighing out loud as I go clicking around to get back to those suites when I'm trying to load multiple elements from the same expander suite.

    I guess I'd love to have more options here -- 1) being able to set it to default to "last suite visited" or something like that, AND/OR, 2) being able to put everything all under ONE "MASTER" MENU (which is what I think MagicalPlug is talking about).

    Then again, this is such a small thing compared to everything else, so whatever... I'll say this -- RMX has just totally changed the way I work with rhythms, I'm serious. I love it beyond compare in the VSTi world.

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    Re: Burning Grooves Fill Problem

    Quote Originally Posted by TokyoTain
    I guess I'd love to have more options here -- 1) being able to set it to default to "last suite visited" or something like that.
    That would save endless time and frustration. Hopefully it will be implemented in a future update.

    Having said that, the 1.5 update was truly wonderful - it must have taken months of hard work - and even Spectrasonics can't be expected to think of everything.

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