I recently purchased a DAW from soundchaser to run giga, which it does fine for the most part. I have been using my antiquated mac 7600 to run digital performer using mostly midi to control the giga DAW. I have not been recording any audio on the mac due to the slow processor and lack of hard drive space. I have been syncing my Roland VS880 with the mac when I have to record actual audio. I hardly ever have more than four tracks of audio on any one project. I would like to intergrate some of the features so I don\'t have so many machines running at once, and the editing on the vs880 is a bitch.
So, what would you do?

1. Get a digital audio program for the DAW like cakewalk or cubase and run everything on that machine? $400 to $500

2. Update the Mac with a G3 card, an audiomedia III and a scsi hard drive for audio? also around $400 or $500

I want to be able to save my audio files so that someone using protools can open them, and I\'m not sure of the formats for these PC programs.

I have heard some people are having problems running the sequencer and giga on the same machine, but this DAW is very fast with 512 mg memory. Anybody have any suggestions?