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Topic: How many crashes is everyone having?

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    How many crashes is everyone having?

    I\'m using GS a lot (10 hours a day). Unfortunatly I have multiple crashes everyday. I am wondering how other users are doing. I have a very clean setup with win 98, PII 350, 128mb and a Aardvark 20/20. I tried reinstalling the whole setup (incl. win98) with no luck.

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    Re: How many crashes is everyone having?

    Interesting Joris,
    I have a similar setup, also the Aardvark 20/20+, and my machine is clean, yet I don\'t get crashes that often. Maybe once every 4 or 5 days of use, not several a day. Sounds like you have some kind of config problem. I use win95b though, because I don\'t trust Win98 with audio.


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    Re: How many crashes is everyone having?

    The crashes mainly (or maybe only) occur when I\'m making sounds (mostly at hte start of a new production). I then switch a lot between the editor and GS. Because I edit on different channels the editor has to be opened and closed a lot. The crashes only occur when closing the editor or saving a sound from the editor.
    The reason that I use win98 is because it is giving me less troubles than I used to have with win95b. I think this is because the new motherbords are not fully supported in win95 (usb etc.).

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    Re: How many crashes is everyone having?

    I\'ve several times noticed a new phenomena when running VST3.7 & GS: After setting a loop on VST and let it run, it crashes after ca. 40 minutes, sometimes later.
    Out of the blue.
    And it has a new quality. No blue screen, no Errormessage, it crashes complete down to the msg: \'You can power down your computer\'.
    During another crash the machine was complete locked, only \'power off/power on\' worked.


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