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Topic: Mister Siedlaczek strikes again...

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    Mister Siedlaczek strikes again...

    Found in KVR forum,


    Is it possible to make something new with an old stuff ?


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    Re: Mister Siedlaczek strikes again...


    don't know how it works but the Smart Violins sounds awesome.


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    Re: Mister Siedlaczek strikes again...

    Good find.

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    Re: Mister Siedlaczek strikes again...

    Sounds quite interesting. I once owned the AO library but sold it 2 years ago as I wasn´t too much into orchestral instruments at that time. The library is a bit outdated but still sounds very good (and you get smart violins as well in additionTotal Piano!!). Sounds like a good deal to me. Could be a tough competitor for Kirk Hunter´s Emerald library.
    Good times for customer´s though. Now I got enough stuff for my christmas wish list...

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    Re: Mister Siedlaczek strikes again...

    Does anyone have any info on how "complete" this package is? Have they cut down on anything? Velocity layers - dynamic crossfading? I'm trying to figure out what I should buy with all these options popping up all the time


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    Re: Mister Siedlaczek strikes again...

    Smart Violins seem to be a big collection of phrases (recorded to click track for accurate tempos) that you piece together to form lines. Sounds good.

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    Re: Mister Siedlaczek strikes again...

    It´s quite amazing that there aren´t more comments on this new release. But maybe currently there are just too many interesting releases (just thinking of Kirk Hunter´s Emerald library (which maybe even better as K2 version)

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    Re: Mister Siedlaczek strikes again...

    It's probably a very very new release. The upgrade version from Advanced Orchestra is a nice deal. But I would not upgrade for something only a little better than the Giga version.

    Well we'll surely see reviews and comments in the coming weeks.

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    Re: Mister Siedlaczek strikes again...

    Peter Siedlaczek
    Miroslav Vitous
    GPO Advanced
    Kirk Hunter Emerald
    Kirk Hunter Sapphire
    EWQL Platinum (+pro)
    EWQL Gold (+pro)
    EWQL Silver (+pro)
    Opus 1
    Opus 2
    Edirol Orchestra
    Mach 5 Orch (MOTU?)

    Help me out here... Am I missing any?

    Not to mention the various Akai, Roland, etc CD's
    And the Korg, Roland, etc sound expansion cards for hardware.

    Those of you that own multiple orch libraries do you use them all? Do they blend well? Is this market reaching a point of saturation? It's a great tiime to be shopping for orchestral libraries!

    All the very best,


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    Re: Mister Siedlaczek strikes again...

    Sonic Implants
    Synful (does that count yet, it's only solo instruments...?)

    Surely you can't count each product from each manufacturer, otherwise the VSL list would be lengthy on it's own? Opus 1 + 2, First Edition (now discontinued) Pro Edition, Chamber Strings, blah blah...

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