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Topic: VSL Opus 1 for Idiots

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    VSL Opus 1 for Idiots

    Just purchased VSL's OPUS 1, which is great but coming from a previous world on depending on synth style string samples, I'm a bit overwhelmed at all the different articulations included. As a sort of getting started point, what articulations are other owners of this product feel they use the most when composing.


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    Re: VSL Opus 1 for Idiots

    Your bread and butter patches are the sustain, legato, and the staccato samples for most instruments, along with the pizzicato strings.

    Of course, everything else has its place, but those are the 'go to' patches at least initially.

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    Re: VSL Opus 1 for Idiots

    I try to load the keyswitched "everything" patches for instruments that will be playing anything of complexity and lesser patches where they are not. The advantage to using the "everything" patch is that you cand do most of the programming for that instrument from a single MIDI track. It can get a bit more to a lot more complex depending on how your host handles it, when you have to program a single instrument from multiple MIDI tracks because you need to load multiple articulations seperately. The disadvantage to loading the "everything" patches is that it may be wasting precious RAM.

    What's your host?


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    Re: VSL Opus 1 for Idiots

    I'm using Pro Tools

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    Re: VSL Opus 1 for Idiots

    Well, (I think) you can't really program seperate MIDI tracks on one "piano roll" in ProTools like you can in Cubase or Sonar. Still it depends on how you like to do things and what's best for your workflow. Opus 1 gives you the ability to load a keyswitched "everything" patch or load articulations seperately.


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