Good morning guys I have a quick one for you.
I am running a Asus A8V deluxe 3700+ with 2 gigs of ram and 5 HD's.
One for XP, 2 raid 0 for audio files and 2 sata raid 0 for samples all running nicely. What I'm able to do so far in this machine is run Nuendo 3 with 12 or so audio tracks with 3-4 plugs on em, Uad-1, BFD (rewire), Cameleon plugs and GS3 as rewire... Obviously once I get a giga file playing right I copy over the track to an audio file. Really the system seems quite solid! So I grabbed TBO from sample tank.. Whoa that thing is big, I have cachemenXP running just to see total ram useage. Done the tweaking. Looks like my Nuendo current project is about 750mb, and believe it or not the TBO piano needs about 1100mb of ram to load!. So I know the "one process" thing can only do about 1100-1400mb depending how good you are at tweaking! Just wondering if I would benefit adding 1 or 2 gigs of ram into this baby?
The mobo supports 4 gigs.. I'm finding it really much simpler to run things via rewire then having another system running GS via Fx-teleport etc. as latency isn't an issure!
How much ram have you guys got in either your Daw/Gs3 machine or even your dedicated GS3 machine?
Thanks guys