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Topic: Live performance setup; tips please.

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    Live performance setup; tips please.

    I need to build a sampler-based PC for live theatre performances.
    What would be the best software configuration for this kind of purpose?
    I need to play some key-note-on (midi latch) samples of recorded playbacks plus some effects in parallel. The music is very "flexible" in terms of tempos, and accuracy of the performance. but the sampled segments should be pre-edited in advance (as WAV files).

    I used to work with EMU 4XT ULTRA hardware sampler for live, but RAM isn't enough due to a 128MB limit. Otherwise, I could do almost anything with this sampler including editing, midi latch, mod-wheel cross-fades etc.

    In my studio, I work with Kontakt 2. As for live performance, I really do not know if it would be the right choice. (Mainly because there is no editable midi latch function).

    I would appreciate any ideas, suggestions & tips regarding this issue,
    Many Thanks,

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    Re: Live performance setup; tips please.

    Hi Amit,

    Have you tried SFX? That's what I use. It's not a sampler, it's a cue-list player. Roughly a light board for sound, you program it with cues, fades, waits, autofollows, etc.

    It is a very easy system for calling the show. If you've never looked into it, it might be exactly what you need. It can send MIDI to outboard effects, samplers, etc., as well.


    Best regards,

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    Re: Live performance setup; tips please.

    Thanks a lot, Bruce!
    I will check it right away!
    Thanks for the link,

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