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Topic: Ivory 1.5 Piano Sizes

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    Ivory 1.5 Piano Sizes

    I'm on the verge of buying Ivory 1.5 PC, however i'd love to know each of the different piano's sizes. I unfortunately am not going to be able to install all 3 as I simply don't have the hard drive space on my 74gb Raptor (too much space taken up by USB and Spectrasonics libraries!!) but I have a good 30gb free so am going to install 2 of the pianos (I'm thinking probably the Steinway and the C7) - but how many gigs space does each piano take up under 1.5?

    Thank you.

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    Re: Ivory 1.5 Piano Sizes

    According to the manual:

    Bosendorfer 290 = 16.5 GB
    German Steinway Model D = 13.5 GB
    Yamaha C7 = 11 GB

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    Re: Ivory 1.5 Piano Sizes


    I was just looking through the Archives and I noticed your post. I thought you might find it useful to know that the more of a Hard Drive you use the slower the latter parts of it become. So, with a 10,000 RPM Raptor (which I use as my boot drive incidentally), you ideally just want to use it for system files, applications and cache files (like for recording).

    I have Ivory on a 250GB Hitachi Deskstar and it loads up in about 5 - 10 seconds depending on options.

    70gb isn't very much for sample libraries these days, I use 1TB of SATA storage!

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    Re: Ivory 1.5 Piano Sizes

    The Bosendorfer is bigger, but the Steinway is absolutely my favorite. My default is Jazz Club 8. What a wonderful instrument!

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