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Topic: Audiophile is still crackling :(

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    Audiophile is still crackling :(

    I\'m still having very annoying problem with Audiophile 2496. When I play audio, everything works fine. But when I open another audioapp audio isn\'t clean anymore. It gets crackled like it was too loud. Here\'s few examples: I play music with winamp. When I try recording audio with soundforge at same time, sound is crakling. I use gigastudio in my compositions and when I use GS and Cubase VST 5 at same time, sound becomes distorted. It seams that I can use only but one audioapp at time. I really HAVE to use 2-3 audioapps at same time. Please help me!!!

    Note: I\'ve noticed that Audiophile is sharing IRQ 9 with Geforce and ISDN cards. How can I repair that and is it linked to my problem?


    Tapani S.

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    Re: Audiophile is still crackling :(

    Make sure all your audio apps are using the same sampling rate frequency (i.e. 44.1KHz or 48KHz etc.). If you have your system sounds going through the Audiophile, it will often be reset to 32KHz. Turn off system sounds (the \"No sounds\" selection), then choose a sampling rate and make sure each of your apps is set to it (all mine are 44.1KHz so my sequencer, audio editor, and Gigastudio will get along).

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    Re: Audiophile is still crackling :(

    They are in same samplerate. Actually when I\'m changin rate from 44.1 to 88.2 and back and forward, sound don\'t change. Same crackles. I might post a link so you can actually hear what it sounds like. Now I can\'t compose anymore because of this damn problem!

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    Re: Audiophile is still crackling :(

    I fixed the IRQ problem, but no help for the clipping problem. I uploaded samples how horrible my situation is

    http://www.sunpoint.net/~hallatar/winamp rec.mp3

    I played music from winamp and recorded it with soundforge at 16bit 44.1kHz. Isn\'t this nice? Both samples are small about 200kt so don\'t worry...

    http://www.sunpoint.net/~hallatar/Cubase rec.mp3

    I opened gigastudio and loaded string sustains. I opened cubase and soundforge. Then I just played it with keybord and recorded it. Listen this beautiful and realistic string sound [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] All apps were using 44.1 16bit.

    BUT WHY, OH WHY DIDN\'T SB LIVE HAD ANY PROBLEMS AT ALL?!? And now this. My system specs should be fine because the old crappy live managed to play huge orchestra and audiotracks as well. Could you please help me with these outs and ins because I think they are the problem...

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    Re: Audiophile is still crackling :(

    Your DMA buffers on your Audiophile are too small. Go into the Audiophile control panel, Hardware Settings tab, and select the next highest DMA buffer size value. Then reboot your machine and start up Gigastudio again.

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    Re: Audiophile is still crackling :(

    Originally posted by killerbobjr:
    Your DMA buffers on your Audiophile are too small. Go into the Audiophile control panel, Hardware Settings tab, and select the next highest DMA buffer size value. Then reboot your machine and start up Gigastudio again.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">I\'ve done as you told, no help. Sound and the problem is precisely the same. Of course I\'ve tried to set buffer before this number of times...

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    Re: Audiophile is still crackling :(


    Do you by any chance still have the SB Live in your system? If so, is it routed to the Audiophile in some way? I had the exact same problem with my 1010 with the SB live output to it (for the synth) and it would amplify the signal through the SB Live and overdrive the 1010. When I muted that channel, or disconnected the SB LIve, the problem went away.

    -- Martin

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    Re: Audiophile is still crackling :(

    The \"crackling\" sounds in your MP3\'s are definitely the result of a DMA transfer problem. The most common cause is too low a setting in your Delta comtrol panel for the sample buffer. Other DMA trouble spots are: DMA transfer turned off on the hard drives; not enough reserve memory for DMA buffers; running drives in non ATA-xx mode. The other potential problem, shared interrupts conflicting with each other, you\'ve claimed to have eliminated as a source. There also is a known problem with certain VIA chipsets and the Soundblaster Live! that causes hard drive transfers to become corrupted. This would also cause the same audible symptoms in your MP3\'s. Is your motherboard a VIA chipset based one?

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    Re: Audiophile is still crackling :(

    what Delta driver you\'re using?

    A little bit more info of your system would be good!
    What\'s the OS? Which processor/Mobo ( hope not Athlon+ Via KT133A mobo!!!)?

    Anyway, I got horrible crackling and distorting sound from driver no. for Win 98/SE/ME. Check the newest one or reliable older (not muliclient).
    Maybe would work for you?

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    Re: Audiophile is still crackling :(

    Thanks to you all for helping me out (still no reply from m-audio)!!!

    I actually solved the problem few days ago. My buffer setting was too high. I tried setting 64 (I had win2k then) and distortion was gone! Then I installed win98se again and now I use buffer 1056. Also I disabled multiclient mode and app use of monitor/router. Cubase did some of that crackling and now I use much cleaner Logic Delta.

    So now I\'m composing like a mad and finally everything is smooth. Audiophile rocks [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

    Tapani S.

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