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Topic: virtual pc

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    virtual pc

    Hi all,

    I\'m new to this. Would gigasampler run on a mac with virtual pc?

    Thanks for any info, Bob.

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    Re: virtual pc

    Boy, I doubt it. Nobody here has ever mentioned any possibility of running Giga on a Mac in any form - and I\'m sure they would, if it would.

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    Re: virtual pc

    The virtual PC programs run MUCH slower than the machine they\'re running on, each instruction has to be converted to its Power PC equivalent and run \'interpreted\', which is like an English speaker reading a novel in German with a German-to-English dictionary at his side.

    These days, you can buy the PC for not much more than the cost of the program, and Giga is best run stand-alone anyway.


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    Re: virtual pc


    The Nemesys guys did some very low level coding to make Giga play with hardware latency (delay in the vicinity of 9ms from when you hit a key). This coding goes below \'user level\' in the OS, so I don\'t see you getting much joy out of an interface designed to emulate the OS.

    If you just have to stay Mac - look at Bitheadz Session. The problem with that box though, is that, like Gigastudio, it really wants its own Mac to work optimally.

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    Re: virtual pc


    Don\'t even think of using virtual pc for Giga!
    There is too much data flow and you would even go over 9ms (--> delays!!!). Even handling of actions with Maestro and save options could crash while doing so! This is too much risk to find out!


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    Re: virtual pc

    Just like to say \"thank you\" to all who gave such good advice when responding to my mail.

    Best regards, Bob.

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