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Topic: Gst's only "seeing" 2 out fm Pulsar 3.1's GSIF

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    Gst\'s only "seeing" 2 out fm Pulsar 3.1\'s GSIF

    Help Guys!

    just installed Gst 2.5.x on a computer housing Pulsar I and II cards running 3.1 software

    this should show up to 32 GSIF outs to the Pulsar mixer BUT Gst 2.5\'s Select Hardware Output Channels box only shows, and Pulsar\'s GSIF module and mixer is only receiving, 2 out channels of audio from Gst.

    tried running Gst\'s Diagnostics and it reports

    \"There are 1 GSIF Compatible card(s)
    Hardware Adapter 0
    Scope/Pulsar Multichannel Driver (Card 1)\"

    I\'m prolly doing something stupid, right?


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    Re: Gst\'s only "seeing" 2 out fm Pulsar 3.1\'s GSIF

    should have specified I\'m running W2k...

    hope to hear from you...


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    Re: Gst\'s only "seeing" 2 out fm Pulsar 3.1\'s GSIF


    I have the same setup - but only run 3.01 at this point. I\'m not in front of the Giga PC and I\'m not sure what to say. Are the output check boxes in Gst\'s hardware routing page all \'greyed\' out except for the first box (1,2)?

    I can\'t offer much help, because I\'m sure the extra outputs become \'ungreyed\' on my setup as I add more channels to the GSIF module in the project.

    I assume you\'ve used the \'apply\' button in the hardware panel, and maybe even rebooted after changing your setting etc.,

    Jules (Trailermen) Bromley has a super Scope setup with Gigastudio - maybe he can help. He tends to hang out on the Tascam forum.

    Let me know if there\'s something you want me to try on my gear.

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