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Topic: Need advice regarding DAW solutions....

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    Question Need advice regarding DAW solutions....

    for GS3..

    I have a problem with my current setup and I don't have the time to troubleshoot it and I'm not a PC wiz so...
    I am thinking of getting a DAW that's already configured to run Gigastudio 3 proprely.

    I know there's a few companies out there offering such products like Carillon , VisionDAW etc etc..

    Any tips on which company is really reliable for this???

    Any hepl would be very appreciated .

    many thanks


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    Re: Need advice regarding DAW solutions....

    My experience with Carillon was mixed. I like the machine very much, and once I got it up and running with the bugs ironed out it worked great. However, the much-vaunted Carillon (USA) service was not good: unreturned phone calls, two weeks to respond to an e-mail, that sort of thing. The only person to suggest their remote fix was me. I eventually hired a specialist to find and fix the problem.

    I will never buy another one.

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    Re: Need advice regarding DAW solutions....

    We purchased a Carillon system in February of this year. Our experience with Carillon USA has been pretty good. Their national sales director, Mike Seltzer (now back at Sweetwater again) gave us excellent advice on selecting the system specifications that would best suit our needs. Initially we had some frustrating delays in getting the system cleared through Customs at JFK airport before it was shpped to us in Hawaii (the system was assembled in and shipped from England), but that was mostly a bureaucratic problem involving the TSA.

    Then we encountered issues with delays in obtaining all of the system hardware (Frontier Design was back-ordered on several components) and so some of the configuring and tweaking that was supposed to have been complete before we received the system had to be done by us after delivery. But we received excellent guidance and tech support from Mike McCoy at Wave Digital in New Jersey (they are Carillon's USA representative). And when we were going through the BSOD agonies during the upgrade from GigaStudio 3.04 to 3.10, we got much better and faster telephone support from Mike McCoy than from Tascam.

    Our Carillon system is rock-solid and beautifully manufactured with top-tier components. It's as quiet as death and very, very fast. We have encountered no hardware problems whatsoever. After our few initial frustrations, none of which had anything to do with product quality, we have been very happy with our choice.

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    justin thyme

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    Re: Need advice regarding DAW solutions....

    Thanks for your input ! much apporeciated!

    I also had mixed reports on Carillon USA as far as after sales service..maybe an isolated incident but it's good to know anyhow.
    Anyone else using other DAW's for other companies??


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