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Topic: giga on laptop with soundblaster extigy?

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    giga on laptop with soundblaster extigy?

    Hi, I am brand new to gigasampler and so far I can\'t even start the application because of \"incompatible soundcard\" message. I have a Toshiba Satellite, which - as I now believe - may have a Yamaha soundcard that only runs with WMD drivers. Anyway, I searched Toshiba and Yamaha sites for a VXD driver, only found generic ones that I couldn\'t get to work.

    So I went out and got a Soundblaster Extigy. Pretty nice, has all the in- and outputs you might need incuding Midi, plugs into USB and works great, except Gigasampler LE still gives me
    the \"incompatible card\" message. I re-installed Gigasampler, and it gave me a different message, something about \"cannot start some dll file\". Took the dll out of the system folder, reinstalled giga, now the \"incompatible\" message is back.

    Does anybody have an idea what else I should try? I left a message with Nemesys, but so far no answer yet. I need to know if the Extigy will work, otherwise I will have to return this nice piece of hardware.

    Thanks for any help. As a pianist I\'m very eager to finally try this new technology, but instead I spend hours every day wading through all these thechnical problems.

    Thanks for any help!

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    Re: giga on laptop with soundblaster extigy?

    What OS are you using? Neither the SoundBlaster nor GS LE will run on Win2k or XP.

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    Re: giga on laptop with soundblaster extigy?

    The Toshiba Sattelites have newer model Yamaha Chipsets that only have WMD drivers. The generic vxd drivers wont work for them.

    The extigy probably only ahs WDM drivers and doesn\'t have direct sound support. Unlesss its emulated, which is bad too... so I doubt it\'d work, no matter how hard you try.

    I went through 3 laptops to get one to work with giga and the laps internal soundchip

    This ended up being the Toshiba Tecra 8200. While its a higher end model compared to the sattelite, it uses an older version of hte Yamaha Sound Chip. Thus allowing it to use the older vxd/direct sound drivers.

    You may want to look into the Tascam 428 or similar USB audio interface. It\'s compatable with Giga. Also RME makes a PMCIA interface that should work. As well There is a new Layla PMCIA interface that may work (not sure).

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    Re: giga on laptop with soundblaster extigy?

    I\'m using Windows Me, I thought that should work.

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    Re: giga on laptop with soundblaster extigy?


    How\'s the latency with the Tecra 8200 for performing live? And how are you inputting midi data?



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    Re: giga on laptop with soundblaster extigy?

    Its not all that bad. I haven\'t timed it, but its not drastically horrid or anything.

    I use either a Sequencer on the same computer, or a MIDIMAN USB MidiSport 4x4 MIDI interface.

    Works to help me get a few extra voices out. Mostly what I use if for is to do editing in bed and some composing on the road. As well as edits for projects while I\'m on the road.

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    Re: giga on laptop with soundblaster extigy?


    Thanks for the reply, and the information.

    I\'ve totally and finally had it with piano sound sources other than Giga samples, so it\'s gotta be a Giga system for live as well as in the studio.


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