A bright idea why some people seem to get crashes while others (like me) can work for weeks without any crashes at all: difference in interaction with the program.

While there are some obvious causes of crashes, two primary ones being overloading memory and continuing to work without restarting after some kind of loading error, there are also what seem more mysterious crashes.

I've learned to distrust drag-and-drop loading or assignment of instrument , so I almost always load a new instrument by finding the .gig file in the central quicksound panel, then expanding the gig by clicking the + sign, then double clicking the instrument to load it. To assign the instrument to a port/channel, when done directly rather than by midi patch change, I click once in the proper port/channel in the midi mixer window, so it is highlighted, then go to the right-most panel of the quicksound section and double click the desired instrument to assign it to the port.

Just wondering if others, maybe used to kontakt, which requires drag and drop to do anything, bring different habits to gigastudio and perhaps have more crashes.

Another thing I've learned to do, possibly superstitious: if I want to use the editor, I open the editor from the button in the top menu, before right-clicking on an instrument and selecting "edit". Seemed I got more problems choosing edit when the editor was not yet open.

Other thoughts? Other ways of using the visual interface in gigastudio? Other experiences with few crashes or many crashes?